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photo prompt: Ted Strutz

They had been planning this Sunday on the lake. She had words for the sky, for the water: cerulean, pellucid. No exaggeration.

The town was a jewel pressed onto the lake’s edge; there was a restaurant under vines.

The boat didn’t stop. Dumped them on the opposite side in another town. Change of timetable.

The boat that could take them back was three hours away, the bus wasn’t running.

They ate sandwiches on the harbour wall, trying to laugh it off.

On the boat, she looked back at where they’d been:  houses the colours of pink sugar almonds and saffron.

18 thoughts on “Sunday

    1. Hi Neil, sorry about delay in responding. Thank you. I think we can fill them in because we’ve all or nearly all done it! I had the idea very quickly but it’s hard to get these to work.

    1. Hi Iain, it’s a real place or rather two real places that I’m thinking of – makes it easier I think!

    1. It’s one of my favourite words but alas I don’t get enough chances to use it! Thank you Rochelle.

  1. Clever twist, with the implication that they would have been surprised by the beauty of the town they’d visited by mistake. All they needed to do was look around instead of worrying about whether they could still make their original destination. A life lesson, I think!

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